Continuing Education


Vanderlim Technique

Professor Vanderlim

This instructional five-day course will address all anchorage techniques for rehabilitation of atrophic maxillae without the use of bone grafts. This course has highest number of demonstration surgeries in real patients, and is aimed at clinical professionals and experienced implant dentists.

  • August 19 - 23, 2024
  • Florianópolis, Brazil

Live Zygoma Implant Surgery

Dr. Dennis Smiller, DDS, MScD. / Dr. Dan Rosen, DDS / Dr. Alexander Salvoni, DDS, MScD.

This intensive 4-day Zygoma Surgery Program gives you the opportunity to practice innovative approaches to zygoma, pterygoid, and nasalis implants. All surgeries are supervised by attending faculty. 

  • July 20 - 24, 2024
  • November 9 - 13, 2024
  • São Paulo, Brazil

Full Arch Implant (Live Surgery)

Dr. Riad Almasri

This will cover all phases of the procedure from treatment planning to surgery and prosthetics of the full arch immediate load concept for patients with terminal dentition and edentulous patients. Preparing you to incorporate the tull arch implant restoration into your daily practice to service the needs of many patients who need it and probably already exist in your practice's patient pool. Each participant will have the opportunity to execute an arch on a patient and fabricate a fixed provisional.

  • April 12-13, 2024
  • Dallas, TX

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