Revolutionizing Maxillofacial Solutions

Zygomatic implants represent a tailored solution crafted for individuals facing insufficient bone volume in the maxillary region. These implants are strategically positioned at an angle to effectively engage and fuse with the zygomatic bone, addressing the unique challenges presented by limited maxillary bone or upper jaw conditions. This innovative approach ensures a secure and stable foundation, enhancing the feasibility of implant procedures for patients with specific anatomical considerations. View/Download User Manual
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Key Features

Condensing Variable Threads Design
Double Flutes (Chambers)
Slightly tapered threads apically and parallel body
Double thread with standard pitch (only Morse Taper Connection)
Asymmetric profile thread
Self Tapping

Discover the advantages of Zygomatic:

Avoidance of Bone Grafting

Zygomatic implants are often used in cases where there is severe bone loss in the upper jaw, eliminating the need for bone grafting procedures. This can significantly reduce treatment time and complexity.

Immediate Function

In many cases, zygomatic implants allow for immediate loading, meaning that the prosthetic teeth can be attached shortly after implant placement. This can offer faster restoration of chewing function and aesthetics.

Single-Stage Surgery

Zygomatic implant procedures are typically performed in a single surgical stage, which can be more convenient for patients compared to multi-stage procedures required in some traditional implant cases.

Stability and Strength

Zygomatic implants anchor into the zygomatic bone, which is denser and often provides excellent stability and strength. This can be particularly advantageous in cases where the natural bone in the maxilla is insufficient for traditional implants.

Reduced Treatment Time

Since zygomatic implants often eliminate the need for bone grafting and allow for immediate function, the overall treatment time can be significantly reduced compared to alternative procedures.

Restoration of Facial Aesthetics

Zygomatic implants can contribute to restoring facial aesthetics by providing support for prosthetic teeth, helping to fill out the facial structure, and improving the smile’s appearance.


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