About The S.I.N. 360 Full Arch Digital Workflow

As the dental implant industry advances, practices and labs everywhere are expected to stay current on the latest technology and surgical techniques. Although this may seem daunting, S.I.N. 360 simplifies this process with just a few fine-tuned phases formulated to transform your current workflow.

The S.I.N. 360 Full Arch Digital Workflow is a comprehensive system encompassing every need a full arch specializing practice may face. From software and product training to digitizing your workflow from the ground up, S.I.N. 360 has you covered.

With the implementation of our fully developed, all-inclusive, state-of-the-art digital full arch workflow, you will:

  • Eliminate verification jigs and become 100% model-less in your full arch workflows

  • Significantly reduce complications and valuable chairside time

  • Develop a streamlined process that your entire team grasps immediately

  • Improve your end-user experience with considerably less invasive digital tools

  • Reduce your ‘cost per full arch case’ to half the industry standard

Everything you need
All in one place
Save time by eliminating the middleman
Increase profit with low product costs

Education & Video Content

It’s no secret that having the right training is key to successful cases. In the dental industry, having an efficient workflow is a keystone to keeping ahead of the curve and ensuring efficiency in all areas. S.I.N. 360 offers first-rate training packages designed with your needs in mind. We also create transformative video content to showcase your skills, office facilities and support of your patients.


Diagnostics And Design

Digital Design

The S.I.N. 360 exocad software software is known for its speedy operation and ease of use, helping you minimize training costs and maximize productivity.

Intra - Oral Scanner

Aoralscan 3 Wireless is Shining 3D’s latest intraoral scanner, with a thinner and longer tip and great scan performance. It’s 30% faster than the last generation and provides accurate results that meet the clinical needs of different applications. This is the world’s fastest intraoral scanner, providing you with a chairside experience that exceeds your expectations.

3D Face Scanner

The MetiSmile is the first 3D face scanner that quickly captures facial information with advanced software, creating a 3D model to assist in clinical diagnosis, exclusively for dentistry.


The MicronMapper is a revolutionary photogrammetry camera, with dental technology, that creates three-dimensional digital images that replicate the patient’s mouth in greater detail than ever before. Not only does this allow clinicians and surgeons to visualize dental issues more clearly, but it also means increased accuracy and fewer errors during treatment planning.




EPIKUT S is the perfect combination for those seeking superior results and with high predictability. This line offers a cutting, comprehensive design with double inverted support screws, which provide more clinical practicality, predictability and high primary stability to those seeking superior results.


Unitite® Slim 2.9 is the perfect solution for implants in narrow spaces, limited interdental areas, and tight caps due to their 2.9 mm diameter.  Distinctive hybrid macro geometry offers greater accuracy during the drilling process to ensure optimal compression of healing bone tissue



3D Printing

The Pro55 3D Printer has been developed to improve the productivity of your practice. Easily learn, train, and delegate your in-office production workflow. 


Among various other full arch and single unit milling machines, our partner iMes-iCore developed the 350i with an optional loader. With high-quality industrial milling technologies, such as granite structure, linear drives, torque motors, as well as digital absolute length measuring systems and powerful main spindles, this system is ideally suited for large labs and milling centers where these high-quality standards and large quantities are necessary.


Equipped with the highest quality and latest technology, Dekema Furnaces are ensured to provide you with an exceptional experience in developing your final prostheses.



OnX Tough Resin

SprintRay OnX Hollywood Bleach is a nanoceramic hybrid class II 3D printing resin for the production of denture teeth. Featuring an optimal combination of translucency and opacity to mimic natural dentition. Industry-leading ceramic content provides superior aesthetics, giving your patients something to smile about. 

Pritidenta Zirconium Discs

Adjusting the position allows all 16 VITA shades to be achieved with just 7 blanks! 

Coritec Cocr Disc

  • Bridges up to 16 units, full bridges, and PFM technology

  • Cone and telescopic technology

  • Very good thermal properties

  • Very good biocompatibility

  • High corrosion resistance